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Kaytlin Morrow

About Kaytlin

Kaytlin Morrow lives in a small town in Oklahoma with her husband and two-year-old daughter. In addition to her responsibilities as a mother, Kaytlin studies kinesiology at a local university. Even though she has a couple of more months of school left to go, Kaytlin has already landed a job at a local hospital. Throughout college, Kaytlin waited tables to earn money. However, since starting her studies, she has dreamed of working in the field of kinesiology. Kaytlin is eager to begin her new career, and she looks forward to what the future holds.

Before discovering kinesiology, Kaytlin Morrow’s passion was softball. During high school, Kaytlin played on the softball team. She soon realized that she had a skill for the game, and the more she played, the more her confidence in herself grew. When Kaytlin graduated high school, she received a scholarship to play college softball for one semester—a testament to her skill and devotion to the sport. Horseback riding is another one of Kaytlin’s hobbies. It’s not always easy to find time to ride as a mother and busy college student, so when Kaytlin does find the time she cherishes it. One day she hopes to teach her daughter the joys of horseback riding.

Family is incredibly important to Kaytlin Morrow. Her husband, daughter, and the rest of her family members mean everything to her. Kaytlin feels blessed to have grown up in such a loving, supportive family. Kaytlin is especially close to her parents and sister. She truly believes that part of her success is due to their constant support and love.

Kaytlin’s Posts


Hello Everyone! My name is Kaytlin Morrow and I am pretty new to this whole blogging thing.. Where to begin, I really have no idea. So let’s just start off by telling you a little bit about myself. I am 25 years old born in Ardmore, Oklahoma.I was blessed to...