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After discovering softball in high school, Kaytlin never looked back. The sport taught her a lot of lessons which have helped her find success in life. However, the most important lesson that Kaytlin learned was to believe in herself and her abilities. Earning a scholarship to play softball in college was one of Kaytlin’s biggest achievements as a young adult. Keep your eyes on Kaytlin’s blog to learn more about softball and what the sport means to Kaytlin.

Horseback Riding

Kaytlin learned how to ride horseback as a young girl. Over the years horseback riding has been a great way to escape the world, relax, and spend time with friends and family. Riding a horse is a demanding activity that takes a lot of concentration and skill, but the payoff is worth it. Horses are stunning, intelligent creatures to get to know, and Kaytlin never fails to enjoy herself when she’s riding. Once Kaytlin’s daughter is old enough she looks forward to teaching her about horseback riding. If she’s anything like her mother, she’s sure to love it! Check out Kaytlin’s blog to learn more about Kaytlin’s interest in horseback riding.

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